Monday, July 26, 2010

Days 24, 25, 26 - Garden as a Time-Saver

Sorry about not posting for awhile. Wife was out on a business trip and was busy with the kiddos.

We were talking the other day and something that I have noticed about having a garden so readily available is how it really can be a time-saver. We are pretty much living off our garden now as far as produce goes, a friend my wife delivers fresh eggs each week from her own chickens, and we are part of a local meat-buying club for our meat. What does this leave to shop for? Milk, bread, and coffee!! At least for the weekly shopping trip. That means that shopping is made simple!!

It also means that everything is fresh. What do we want for dinner? Go out to the garden. Lunch? Garden. Fruit to snack on? It is out there. Not hard store-bought peaches but ripe one right off the tree. Not ragged zuchinni...freshly cut so that the juices are still seeping out as you cut them up. And all it takes is a walk out to the garden.

Day 24
1) Three peaches ($1.50)
2) Three pears ($2.00)
3) Three zuchinni ($4.00)
4) One Lemon-Boy Tomato ($0.50)

Day 25
1) Ten peaches ($5.00)
2) Five pears ($3.50)

Day 26
1) Two bunches of Chard ($6.00)
2) One zuchinni ($0.50)
3) Six peaches ($3.00)
4) Basket of Strawberries ($2.00)

Total Harvested (Year-to-Date): $112.50
Expenses (Year-to-Date): $6.00

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