Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5 - Beekeeping

I was introduced to beekeeping about 7 years ago and we have only bought honey once since then...and with our honey-eating family, we go through a bunch. Beekeeping is catching on like raising chickens. I have four other friends locally that are now with a hive in their yard and unlike chickens (or other pets) bees can pretty much take care of themselves even when you are taking a vacation!!

My bees have been really busy lately and I figured that I needed to add some space. Boy was I right!! In one hive I could barely lift the top super...that means that there is a whole heck of a lot of honey in there. Typically one can expect about 2 gallons a year (8 quarts @ $20 per quart for local honey = $160) from a hive. Last year I may have taken too much, but we extracted 7 gallons. Some is given away to neighbors and as gifts that are always well received, but we do eat a lot ourselves.

So, I added a super to each of my two hives and expect to harvest sometime in July, leaving whatever they can make the remaining part of the season for surviving the winter. I will have to say though that there seems like a flower for all seasons in our town for the bees to forage.

The harvest for today:
1) One aprium ($0.50)
2) Kale ($3.00)
3) Pint of blueberries ($4.00)

Total (Year-to-Date): $30.00


  1. I expect you'll be a vendor at the Farmer's Market before long. I've always wondered what you do about swarming, if anything. And I guess since you give away your honey, your neighbors don't mind too much, if and when they do. Yes, instead of hush money, you have hush honey.

  2. I used to have a swarming issue but have found that I can add space early enough to keep the girls happy in their own boxes. I have thought about expanding the beekeeping operation, but for now I think I will keep it local to my own back yard...and with that I cannot really make it worthwhile to sell at the Farmers Market.