Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1 - Here we go!!

Day one of the year-long adventure. I have been meaning to post once more before today, talking about the veggie plots...since I have already described the fruit trees.

We have eight small veggie plots. Four of them are "full-sun", two of them are partial sun, and the remaining two get some sun...but are shaded by our large Live Oak tree much of the day. In the four sunny plots I have the "hot crops". Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers. The next two are mixed use (bush beans do all right), the shady two are devoted to "cooler crops" like greens and peas. I do something in the plots thoughout the year...with winter growing a years worth of garlic in one plot.

All right. What did we get our first day?
1) a bunch of Chard ($3.00) (sauteed in our own garlic)
2) basket of stawberries ($2.00)
3) small basket of blueberries ($1.00)
4) one Aprium ($0.50)
5) one white nectarine ($0.50)

I need to get my scale...I misplaced it and will try to weigh things soon. Right now it is an approximation.. Aproximately $7.00 worth of produce in one day is a pretty good deal though...and oh you shoud have tasted the strawberries!! As my friend Scott said the other day, "Can't transport these!". Real garden strawberries ripened on the plant are just too soft and juicy.

Totals (year-to-date): $7.00

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