Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days 12, 13, 14 - How much do you want?

Some of you might be saying, "You sure do not harvest very much each day." How much do you want each day? I have found that there is a real limit to how much a family can use daily. At times we do harvest an excess, but if we did this too much, the garden would become a chore as opposed to a joy.

As I had indicated in a previous post, I tried to plant fruit trees so that we have fruit much of the year. The veggie garden is a little easier, for ground plants grow much quicker and are easier to stagger each year. You surely do not want everything to get ripe all at once. Here is a good story to show what can hapen if not well planned out!!

I was a little behind in my postings:

Day 12: 1 basket of Strawberries ($2.00)

Day 13: Two Zuchinnis ($2.50)
Handfull of Cherry Tomatoes

Day 14: Bunch of Chard ($3.00)

Total (Year-to-Date): $49.50

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