Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 27, 28 - Here come the cukes!!

The cucumbers are coming. Now some people think that you can get too many cucumbers out of a garden...not our family. Our kids devour them as fast as I can harvest them and they have the cooling properties that a hot summer needs (not that this summer has been hot).

I plant standard sized cucumbers and pickling cucumbers. We will eat the standard sized fresh and I have an easy recipe for the pickling cukes. I am not one for a lot of work and you will love this pickle recipe for its ease.

It came from my grandma and I remember the crock-pot pickles that she and my grandpa used to make. Well, these are just as good or better.

Here it is:
7 cups water
1 cup vinegar
1/3 cup salt
dill and garlic as desired

1) Boil the water, vinegar, and salt so that the salt becomes part of the solution. Do not boil the cucumbers.

2) Pack the pickling cucumbers into a large jar with the dill and garlic on the bottom.

3) Pour the liquid from step 1 into the jar.

4) Cover and put in the fridge for 3 days.

5) Eat and enjoy. These are not for long-term shelf life...but they will be so good it will not matter!! They will not last that long.

Day 27
1) Six pickling cucumbers ($1.00)
2) Basket of cherry tomatoes ($2.00)

Day 28
1) 15 peaches ($7.50)
2) 7 pears ($5.00)

Total Harvested (Year-to-Date): $128.00
Expenses (Year-to-Date): $6.00

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