Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2 - End of the Beets

You ever have a fresh beet from your own garden? I have to believe that it is the least appreciated veggie out there. Tomatoes are king of summer, snap peas in the spring and the winter squash in the fall. I remember growing beets for the first time in Santa Barbara and serving them to a friend for dinner. She said that she did not like beets but I somehow convinced her to partake. After that day it was one of her favorites!! Try it in your own garden.

This is perhaps the most difficult time to harvest from the garden. The summer veggies and fruit are not quite ready yet (cherry tomatoes are trying!!) and the spring greens are bolting due to the heat. Lucky for us we have some transitional plants and some early veggies.

Being gone most of the day, it was a light harvest:
1) Two zuchinni ($1.00)
2) The last of the beets ($3.00)
3) One aprium ($0.50)

Total (Year-to-Date): $11.50

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