Sunday, October 3, 2010

Days 88 - 94 Three months and counting!!

Well, we have made the daily harvest for 1/4 of the year. I have to believe that a difficult time is coming in the next month. Our Sierra Beauty apple tree is light on the fruit this year and our family is eating more fruit than ever. Seems like the trees barely keep up with the family consumption...

I know that we can make it for the next couple of weeks. We still have a good supply of chard, apples, tomatos, figs, and grapes. The problem comes in late October and early November. If we can make it to mid-November, we will start the citrus harvest (can't wait!!) with the Satsumas coming in. We have a bumper crop of satsumas this year so that will take us well into 2011.

This has made me think about what is needed this time of the year. I have been trying to fill in the early fruit trees (planted Apricot, Aprium, and White Nectarine) to have some June fruit. I think that I will replace our Red Delicious apple tree (that nobody really likes anyhow...but was here when we bought the house) with a Granny Smith. My friend has a Granny Smith and it holds apples well and we have had apples from him well into November. Seems like the longer on the tree the better too!!

Well, the harvest is lighter this week.

Day 88
1) Four apples ($2.00)
2) One tomato ($0.50)
3) 1/4 pound grapes ($0.50)

Day 89
1) Two tomatoes ($1.00)
2) Three apples ($2.00)

Day 90
1) Two bunches chard ($6.00)
2) One pound grapes ($2.00)
3) 1/2 pound tomatoes ($1.00)
4) 3/4 pound apples ($1.50)

Day 91
1) 1/4 pound grapes ($0.50)
2) 3/4 pound apples ($1.50)
3) One pound apples ($2.00)
4) Basket raspberries ($2.00)
5) Two figs ($0.50)

Day 92
1) 3/4 pound grapes ($1.50)
2) 1/2 pound apples ($1.00)
3) 1/2 pound tomatoes ($1.00)
4) One basket of strawberries ($2.00)
5) Seven figs ($2.00)

Day 93
1) 3/4 pound grapes ($1.50)
2) 1/2pound apples ($1.00)

Day 94 (gone much of the day)
1) a few grapes

Weekly harvest: $33.00

Total Produce Harvested (Year-to-Date): $692.50
Total Honey Harvested (Year-to-Date): $220.00
Expenses (Year-to-Date): $70.00 (water)

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