Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days 102 - 108 Winter Planting

Winter is a time of lots of rain. This means that you do not need to do any watering...but it also measn that it is a time when the snails, slugs, and weeds thrive.

For this reason I like to plant a cover crop to keep the weeds down. Just ordered some seed and hope to plant by next weekend. With the nice rain shower today it makes the soil ready for the new seed to sprout. I really do not like to have to water the me lazy.

I also like to plant garlic. It grows with little care, the slugs and snails do not touch it, and we get enough garlic by May to pretty much have garlic for the year. All for very little work...and don't forget, the garlic that you get out of your own garden is truly amazing!! If you want to make sure that the garlic does not sprout after harvesting, keep it in a cool, dark place.

What is happening in the garden right now? The figs are the real star of the garden with a plentiful supply of the sweetest fruit you can imagine. We have a "white" fig that becomes a beautiful red inside and green outside. Still getting grapes, tomatoes, and of course chard (the plants are 6 months old now!!)

Day 102
1) Two tomatoes ($1.00)
2) Handful of grapes
3) One fig

Day 103
1) 1 pound grapes ($2.00)
2) Three mandarins ($1.00)

Day 104
1) One tomato ($0.50)
2) Two bunches of chard ($6.00)
3) 1 1/2 pounds grapes ($3.00)
4) Six figs ($1.50)

Day 105
1) 3/4 pound grapes ($1.50)
2) 1/2 pound apples ($1.00)
3) 1/2 pound tomatoes ($1.00)

Day 106
1) 1/2 pound grapes ($1.00)
2) Eight figs ($2.00)
3) 3/4 pound apples ($1.50)

Day 107
1) 1 1/2 poounds tomatoes ($3.00)
2) 1/2 pound grapes ($1.00)

Day 108
1) 3/4 pound strawberries ($1.50)
2) 3/4 pound grapes ($1.50)
3) 1/2 pound tomatoes ($1.00)
4) Eight figs ($2.00)

Weekly harvest: $33.00

Total Produce Harvested (Year-to-Date): $748.50
Total Honey Harvested (Year-to-Date): $220.00
Expenses (Year-to-Date): $70.00

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