Monday, August 2, 2010

Days 31, 32 - Excess Crops

What can you do with excess crops? It seems like only a week ago we had very little, but as you can see now (harvest below) we are in excess. Of course you can give stuff away. Perhaps even better, in using the concept of "distributed agrigulture", you can barter with friends and neighbors. Perhaps you have extra pears now and they may have extra tangerines in the winter.

That may be too much for you to do though. I am really quite lazy at heart and in a previous post talked about how a garden saves time because we do so little food shopping when the garden is in full swing (what was a long weekly shopping trip now is a quick stop for bread and milk).

Here are some ideas for excess crops that take little time:
1) Cukes - See pickle recipe in last post
2) Peaches - Cut in half, take out pit, and freeze on cookie sheet. Put in ziploc bag and you have peaches all year for baking, smoothies, etc.
3) Zukes - Our kids (and us) love BBQ zukes. We ate almost 3 lbs for dinner yesterday. Simply slice lengthwise, coat with a little olive oil, then Balsalmic Vinegar, salt and pepper. BBQ skin side down first then flip to the sides.

Any other quick ideas out there?

Day 31
1) Eight pears ($6.50)
2) Ten peaches ($5.00)

Day 32
1) Four zuchinni ($5.00)
2) Three cucumbers ($3.00)
3) Five pickling cukes ($1.50)
4) Ten peaches ($5.00)
5) Basket of Strawberries ($2.00)
6) 1/2 pound green grapes ($1.00)
7) Three pounds frozen peaches ($6.00)

Total Harvested (Year-to-Date): $181.50
Expenses (Year-to-Date): $6.00

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  1. Per our previous conversation, when it comes to excess zuchini, ZUCHINI PANCAKES are always a great way to use up a few more of them!

    Plenty of recipes on the net, but they all basically involve combining grated zuchini with some combination of beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, and various seasonings... and then frying them up in a little oil (get it nice and hot so you wind up with "crisp" rather than "greasy"!).

    In addition, I've found that salting the the grated zuchini to help draw out moisture... and then "pressing" the material to remove additional water before adding the rest of the ingredients... tends to help produce a better pancake.

    Also, with regards to "excess" in general, does the food bank/food pantry take homegrown vegetables?